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I care about you being able to access resources that can help. Here are a few of my fundamentals. 

Support Hotlines

Access the Suicide Prevention Lifeline here. Access the National Domestic Violence Hotline here

LGBTQ+ Resource Centers

Check out services offered by the Trans Wellness Center here. Visit the LA LGBT Center here

Sex Therapy

I'm an advocate for healthy sexuality and sex, and love to work with my clients around these issues. Sometimes if indicated, I will encourage clients to visit a certified sex therapist. You can find a directory of AASECT therapists in California here

Attachment Theory

Here's a short video that briefly explains the three adult attachment styles. Here's a quiz you can take to see what your style might be. I also use and recommend Wired for Love and Attached

Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal theory explores what happens for us physically and neurologically in response to stress or trauma. It explains the autonomic nervous system and how we shift between states of social connection, mobilized fear, and collapse or shut-down. You can read a more full introduction here, or check out Deb Dana's books

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