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Disclaimer for Website and Social Media Accounts

  • Claire's therapy website and associated social media accounts are not therapy. Posts or stories are not therapy and should not be taken in the context of therapy or psychological advice. Always consult your medical or mental health provider on what’s right for you. 

  • Claire's website and socials are not crisis support. If you are suicidal, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room. 

  • Please note that if you are a current or former client, you may be jeopardizing your confidentiality by following Claire's pages on social media, liking, or commenting on any posts. 

  • I do not respond to direct messages on social media platforms. If you are interested in working together, please reach out using the Contact tab of my website. 

  • I do not follow or friend current or former clients on any social media platforms, to honor ethical boundaries. Current or former clients are welcome to follow my public therapy pages, again with the awareness that by so doing you may jeopardize your own confidentiality. 

  • The content I post for informational or marketing purposes is general, and your experience of something I post about is unique and may not fit. Please remember that social media accounts are not a substitute for therapy. 

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